A place for fun Java applets. (Click on a picture to jump in)

Escape from Maze Island!
Get to the middle of the maze
Try to get to the top of the purple house
Try to get to the top of the structure.
Based on "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" maze from the book Mad Mazes by Robert Abbott

Puzzles, Games and Toys
Martian Vapor Chess
A two player game, or one player against the computer.
Martian Chess game invented by Andrew Looney.
Black Box Puzzle
Send rays into a box to try and find the hidden balls
John Conway's Life game
Sliding Block Puzzles
These sliding block puzzles use a sokoban type of pusher.
This is a good puzzle if your fingers are tired of pressing keys or mouse buttons.
A simple Java puzzle with source
Push buttons and figure out what they do to try to get all buttons green

Fake Ads (Small bits of wit only, no applets)
Toy Soldiers Anti Gun Traffic Blockers Day Dreaming

Download Cloak Dagger and DNA

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