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Toy Soldiers Anti-Gun Traffic Blockers Day Dreaming

Why keep depriving yourself of the thrill of making up your own fantasies? Here's a pleasant way to learn at home in your spare time. You imagine simple skits right from the start, then more advanced and involved plots.

Choose from many themes or make up your own. Famous daydreamers have chosen fantastic themes such as: Pages of the knights of the round table, microbes living in the guts of Aliens invading Earth, snake oil salesman of the old west, medeval peasant with bubonic plague, and ant running from little boy with magnifying glass on sunny day.

No gimmicks--you learn to imagine skits, and follow more plots right from the start. It really works! Thousands now daydream anytime who never could.

It may seem odd at first -- the idea of teaching yourself day dreaming. You might think you need a private teacher at $40 to $100 per hour to sit next to you and tell you everything you should imagine, and to tell you when you've imagined a mistake.

But surprising as it seems, you need no such thing. Thousands of people just like you have taught themselves to daydream anytime, anyplace. And you can too.

With our lessons, you learn to daydream right away. By notes from our dream guidebooks. Without any gadgetry or gimmickry. And all it costs you is just pennies a day.

You don't need any previous daydream training. Our lessions start you off from scratch with clear word and picture instructions. A lot of dreams you practice first are simple fantasies you've heard many times. And since you know how these fantasies turn out, you can tell immediately when you've got it right.

Then you go on to more advanced daydreams. Sooner than you might think possible, you'll be able to daydream whatever kind of fantasy you like. Fly in the air. Swim under the ocean. Become a God. Become a microbe. Destroy the universe and every living creature in it. Anything you can imagine is open to you.

You learn in your spare time, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. There's no one standing over you to make you nervous. And because you teach yourself, you can set your own pace. You're free to spend an much time mastering any lesson as you wish.

How effective are the lessons? Ask Leffery Jovingston of York, PA. "I thought the tiny insect course was excellent," he writes, "I knew almost nothing about ants before I enrolled. Now I can pretend to be not only an ant, but other social insects such as bees, and termites." My new daydreaming ability has enabled me to avoid boredom at churches, while standing in lines, and while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green."

Another recent graduate, Cemelia Feecney of Vineland, NJ. reports: "It's like a dream come true. Knowing how to daydream any time or any place has given me new self-confidence."

If you've ever dreamed about being able to daydream, why not learn more about our convienent economical way to learn? Just do a web search for "Slackers School of Daydreaming" and send us an email for more information.

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