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Toy Soldiers Anti-Gun Traffic Blockers Day Dreaming
Silhouettes of
printed on one sheet of folded copy paper you can cut out
ONLY $2.50!!

letter sized envelope with a picture of a
crudely printed on it
Relive your childhood experience of feeling "gypped" when you open the package bought with your hard earned money! The purpose of this offer is to give you the feeling of being gypped, by selling you a trivial material thing with essentially no real value. P. T. Barnum understood this, he knew that the most important thing people really buy is feelings. One way or the other, you can relive your childhood memories for only $2.50! (Plus applicable tax, shipping and handling) One of the biggest gyps on the web, get yours before they're all gone!
Note: This picture has nothing to do with this offer, and contains soldiers only by coincidence.
Copyright © 1999,2003 Don O'Brien, all rights reserved