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"We are looking for people who like to be traffic impediments"

says Joe Publique, senior traffic blocker (retired)

Cartoon picture of man driving a car
Famous Traffic Blockers create a Traffic School

Today hundreds of men and women who never thought they could be traffic impediments are working in cars and on streets, blocking those who are in a hurry and have places to go, and getting paid for it. They can all thank a group of famous traffic blockers who have devoted much of their time and talent to helping others find success.

Some of the People the Famous Blockers have helped

Karl Boch was an 18 year old apprentice on a Chicago back street when he enrolled. Today he impedes executives from such companies as Microsoft and Oracle and has won five gold medals and two silvers in national traffic blocking competitions.

Seward Handen of Minneapolis took the course while still in high school. He is now a successful international traffic blocker--last year he and his wife traveled through Europe and the Middle East on important traffic impeding assignments. Saul Pullivan enrolled at 14. His Famous Traffic Impediments training helped him work his way through college.

Ben Stowen, father of three children, was trapped in a dull low-paying job. By studying with FTIS he became a sought-after traffic blocker, and has opened his own traffic impediment accessories retail store.

Oregon housewife Telen Hryk lives 150 miles from the nearest big city. Now she handles celebrity blocking on her own time and terms, and sometimes gets big assignments impeding important government officials. She has been promoted three times in five years and is now a Senior Technician Traffic Blocker.

A Plan to Help Others

It started over 50 years ago when a group of America's most successful traffic blockers met in New York City. They knew that all over America there were people who liked to drive who could be turned into successful traffic impediments. Gilbert Anorne asked, "Why can't we give these people the training they need--including all the trade secrets and know-how we've learned over the years?"

He suggested a new kind of traffic school--a home study traffic impediment school--that would give talented people the best professional impediment training, no matter where they live.

The famous blockers agreed. Taking time from their busy careers, they created a remarkable series of traffic lessons covering every aspect of stopping at yield signs, waiting 10 seconds after the green light before moving, and not signaling or slowing down before turns to maximize the wait of someone who you weren't otherwise going to be able to block. They illustrated their lessons with over 5000 here's how diagrams. The lessons start from scratch and cover every skill a successful traffic blocker needs. The famous blockers with the School are not suprised at the success of their students. The opportunities open to successful blockers today are enormous. The School continually gets calls from all over the country asking for practical well trained students who can step into full-time or part-time impediment jobs. And practical through training is what the School offers.

Famous Blocker Talent Test

To find others with blocking talent worth developing, the Famous Blockers created a 12 page talent test. Thousands paid to take this test, but now the School offers and grades it free. Men and women who do well on the test--or offer other evidence of blocking talent-- may enroll in the School. But there's no obligation. Simply do a web search for "Famous Traffic Impediment School" to find the office nearest you. Send an email to request the online talent test and more imformation.

Anyone who's driven more than 3 or 4 miles in their lifetime knows these people really exist.
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