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See if you can figure out what is going on above without reading any more. This may be one of those cases where you can figure it out faster by just poking at it and trying stuff than actually reading the documentation.
Except for the controls on the bottom of the applet, mouse buttons aren't used for anything. The puzzles start out simple, and except for the very first one, the intent is that you never have to figure out more than one new thing to solve successive puzzles.

This is a combination of a sokoban and sliding block puzzle. The target cursor attempts to follow the mouse, but only the target cursor can be used to move anything else on the board. In order for the target cursor to actually move something, you must place the mouse cursor directly over the thing you want the target cursor to move. Although it may seem you have to move the mouse slow for things to keep up, (depending on the speed of your computer) I'd much rather move the mouse slow than have to hit an arrow key or mouse button for each move. My fingers hurt just thinking about it!