www.SuperMaze.com Martian Vapor Chess

A Java implementation of the Icehouse game Martian Chess by Andrew Looney.
Read the rules first, if you don't already know how to play Martian Chess!

Click on a piece to move. If it can move, squares it can move to will turn green. Click a green space to move there, or click another piece to consider it instead. Pushing the "AI Move" button will cause the computer to take a turn for the indicated player. This could take a few minutes if you have a slow computer.

To go back one or more moves, use the 'p' (previous) key; use the 'n' (next) key to go forward. You can play from a previous move after stepping back, but then you have changed history and are charting a new course, so any moves forward of that will have been lost.

Although not strictly necessary to play the game, you can change the view for fun. Right mouse click to pick a new view center and then use arrow keys, pgup, and pgdn. If you get lost, use the 'c' key to get back to the original view.

Only a relative score is kept represented by pieces to one side of the board. The color of these pieces indicates the leading player. (Pawn=1, Drone=2, Queen=3) No pieces to the side mean the score is tied, as at the start of the game.

Java Applet copyright © 2001 Don O'Brien